The Race Report for 3/30/16

We spend most of our time talking about the attributes of the top drivers in Nascar, Indy Car & Formula 1 during our profiles but this week I want to change course a bit..


David Higgins is a Welchman from the UK-and his discipline is Rally Racing, currently driving the Subaru Rally Team USA ..


Rally Racing has become very popular here in the United States and has been a staple of racing throughout Europe for decades..


And what Higgins has accomplished is mind boggling, especially when you put his success in Rally Car up against any of the current  greats like Jimmie Johnson, Sebastion Vettel, & Lewis Hamilton..


Higgins, you see has won the last 5 Rally America Championships, racking up 23 victories during that span, including all 8 races in 2015-that would be a perfect fact during that time from 2011 through 2015, covering 36 events, he has won or finished second in all but two races-an astounding volume of work at any level!


I’m out of time..more from David on my Show In The Pits..tomorrow a weekend preview, stay tuned!