Todays Report

I’ll give the first part of the week over to talking about events that are coming up next weekend and we’ll get a bit more specific about trails starting Wednesday….


Here in Maine one of my favorite events is the 20th Annual Polar Blast Celebration in the villages of Eustis & Stratton, a big family event from Thursday through Saturday & featuring cardboard sled rides, fireworks, ice skating, a Chili/chowder contest, music, dancing & the biggest event, Saturday’s Snowmobile Radar Run with over $7500 in prize money available, along with a live performance from the Ravex Motorsports Team..get the info at


Remember, I’m looking for riders & club members who have an interest in getting the word out about conditions on the trails they’re me at 207-527-2000 or simply email me at ..I’d love to hear from you!