Today’s Report

Cold weather and snow showers will be in place over the next several days, a perfect forecast for riding but keep in mind that we still have early season conditions with thin snow bases, especially on heavily traveled trails in the Its system in Maine and the Primary & Corridor system in New Hampshire..


My good friend and associate Russell Walters from Northern Outdoors & thre Fiorks was telling me that a number of riders had found some good stretches of snow most notably on flat open trails and had traveled some 109 miles a great day of riding at the beginning of the week..


And another friend, Scott Stone, an accomplished snowmobiler indicated that he had found some nice off trail riding, mostly away from the Its and on flat, open logging roads in and around Kennebago, up through Oqquossoc and in the maggaloway and parmachinee region..


You need to watch for protrusions, especially in the woods, and some icy corners as well, so watch the speed and I’ll be back with a weekend preview…