Today’s Snowmobile Report

Good Monday to everyone & especially to any die-hard sledders in a winter that has certainly not met our expectations…having said that I will try my darndest to bring you any and all good news concerning trail opportunities during our last week of reports..


Before I give you any trail information it’s important for you to remember that even during the best years March begins to eat away at the trail base and with the sun higher and warmer that means that your likely to encounter areas where the snow cover is thin and your probably going to find objects sticking up through the snow so be on the lookout for this at all times..


And, ice will be thinning on even the most solidly frozen waterways and waterholes could emerge along the trail beds so be especially cautious…and finally watch your speed because of all of the above issues and don’t take chances this late in the season…


Tomorrow specific trail information, so keep it tuned here!