Today’s Snowmobile Report

Wow-what a season frilled with challenges from beginning to end. As I speak clubs all over Maine and New Hampshire are telling us that they have stopped grooming for the remainder of the year and although you can still find some riding, there probably is no area where you won’t encounter bare areas!


Rangeley in the western Mts of Maine reports that there is still riding available on trails throughout the area but mostly further away from town and in the higher elevations


From the grant brook trail toward the mary Joe region and onto mattagamon via Logan pond seems to be a good bet for some late season riding in the katahdin region..


And I heard what may be the last trail report from the Bureau of Trails in New Hampshire..there is still some limited riding in the higher elevations around Pittsburg and in the Diamond Pond areas as well but you’ll want to check ahead before heading out…


Be cautious, ride right, watch for water holes & I’ll see you on the trails..